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DigAdz showing an exponential growth now, such is the power of business plan and the admin beejay. 

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Read on as to what the business plan and how digadz works

DigAdz after a big DDOS attack for first 2 days is back and working fast and also performing to everyone's

satisfaction. This launched on 29th Nov

Beejay proved himself again, and moved to a much faster server and with more security and fixed all the bugs in a

record time. Now Digadz is working as expected and is poised to stay for long time as the plan is so designed

This is not a cycler or pure revshare that you need to join very fast, and if joined late you end up losing, on

the contrary many of us are in 100% building mode. Let me explain the plan.

What is the cost of Ad Pack?
Each Ad pack costs $1 and you get back $1.5 when it matures. For each Adpack you get 1500 points and there are 11

levels, thehigher the level you are higher the value of the ads you get.

When you get value ads (Dig Value) say for $1, 1000 points get deducted from your balance and clicking that ads

you earn $1.00. Each dig value ads range from $0.01 to $100 or even $500 depending on the level you are IN.

One member in my team who is in level 11, got 1 ad for $300 and one for $75 and many for $50 and $25. See picture

attached herewith

Following explains the Levels

Point Level 1 ........ 800 to 4.5k
• Point Level 2 ........ 4.5k to 10.5k
• Point Level 3 ........ 10.5k to 22.5k
• Point Level 4 ........ 22.5k to 45k
• Point Level 5 ........ 45k to 82.5k
• Point Level 6 ........ 82.5k to 165k
• Point Level 7 ........ 165k to 330k
• Point Level 8 ........ 330k to 660k
• Point Level 9 ........ 660k to 1.35m
• Point Level 10 ........ 1.35m to 2.7m
• Point Level 11 ....... 2.7m to 7.5m

Is it passive?
Yes one can be 100% passive and earn, Join, buy bundle ads (ad packs), start clicking ads and start earning. No

need to refer a single person to earn.

Do I have to click Ads to earn?
Yes every day you shall get Dig Value Ads based on your level and you shall be given 15 hrs to click (points are

already deducted while allotting ads). So if you do not click the ads, you will lose your money. So do not forget

to click ads.
You can always go for vacation option if you do not want to click ads every day for as many days as you like by

paying vacation fee.

How can I increase my points?
Since points are deducted for the ads allotted, you need to see that you maintain your points and go for higher

levels to get higher value ads, how to do that
1. Buy bundle ads for $1, and get 1500 point
2. click 10 digpoints each day and get 12 points for each that is 120 points every day (Free members can also earn

points this way)
3. Click DigBonus (you need to click 10 qualifying ads previous day to get bonus ads next day), here on every

click (dig) you get cash bonus or points.
What are DigPoints, DigBonus and DigValue?
Once you log in to your back office, on to your right you can see three clickable buttons, Digpoints, DigBonus,

and DigValue
• Dig Points : You get 20 ads every day and on clicking that you can earn 12 points each, that is 240 points

everyday. Free members too can join this and start accumlating points.
• Dig Bonuses : As the name indicates these are bonus ads, you need to click 10 qualifying ads previous day to get

bonus ads the next day, click DigBonus in your back office and when you see 10 qualifying ads click all one by one

and qualify for next day.This is a real surprise as you can earn cash bonuses or points, I earned several thousand

points yesterday besides cash bonuses.
• Dig Value : These are value ads, you get higher value ads if you are in higher levels. I am in level 8 and I got

couple of ads for $15, $7 and many for $2 and $1.
What are Digger, Hunter and Hunter Pro?  (These are OPTIONAL)
These are optional upgrades, and if you upgrade you stand to earn more as you get special value ads to only those

who are upgraded in this. 1% of global adsales in the entire company is allocated for this.
Every day you get some value ads, and if you earn more than upgrade amount in a week it expires and in case you

earn less than upgrade amount, your upgrade is extended for another week
• Digger The price of this upgrade is $0.05 and upgrade is valid for 1 week
• Hunter The price of this upgrade is $3.00 and on I got value ads for $9.35 for this upgrade so far
• Hunter Pro The price of this upgrade is $21 and I already made $31.74 so far and still a day to go for the upgrade to expire

What Payment Processors are accepted?
STP, PM, and Egopay & Paypal Payza will be approved as they have already applied for the same.

Referral Commission
10% referral commission on your direct and 5% on every Value ads your direct clicks

Go ahead and buy as many bundle ads you can afford to buy as this is poised to stay for long time

Following Videos shall help you understand the better, No need to hurry and watch all at once, take your time and

go step by step. To buy bundle ads, watch video 2 as this is the first step, later you can watch other videos to

enhance your earnings

GET STARTED #1 -Dashboard Guide  http://youtu.be/L6aziuluttU 

GET STARTED #2 - How To Purchase Bundle Ads http://youtu.be/4qtq4FS_QBw

GET STARTED #3 - How To Make Money Every Day http://youtu.be/u0HZ8ZJnEVU

GET STARTED #4 - Maximize Your Earnings http://youtu.be/clh41Sp8MPM

GET STARTED #5 - How To Dig Adz http://youtu.be/2YEvJL7Dvn4



Referral Commission

10% referral commission on your direct and 5% on every Value ads your Direct Clicks!

 Buy as Many "Bundle Ads" You can Afford to Buy!

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